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In fact, the only computer-related index entry refers to computer technology in book production and the term “internet”, itself, has no index entry at all. Despite this, I found the book interesting and mildly entertaining for the novice book-hunter. Be aware, however, that the principal thrust of this book is not the art of bibliophilia but rather the business of bibiocommerce, if I may use that term. One specific critique I have is with Mr.

Ellis’ advice on cleaning book jackets in which he suggests using rubbing alcohol, petroleum jelly and even rubber cement! I would no more let petroleum jelly near a book than I would a can of oil and, while he obviously feels comfortable making such a recommendation, I can think of no surer way to completely ruin a book than by getting greasy petroleum jelly on the pages.

As for water-soluble substances on a coated-stock jacket: a just-barely-damp soft cotton cloth gently swiped in a single direction usually does the trick nicely. Never use any of these methods on absorbent paper, only on coated stock.

And lastly, some advice I have yet to see in print about the care of books: wash your hands before touching your books because once its on the page, it, or its stain, is part of the book forever. So, unless your fingerprints belong to someone of particular note, your books will remain a lot more valuable without them!

I like it! If you are like me, a small time collector or someone who aspires to more grand heights, this will peek your interest and knowledge. Good information and value. I started to become interested in book collecting about 2 years ago and this was one of the first books that I purchased. It is an excellent book for a beginning collector.

The author describes the history of book production and how books are produced in modern times. There is also a very good chapter on the grading of books, and how to determine if a book is “collectible. However, if you plan to collect rare, old books then this text may not be the best for you. The focus of this book is on collecting modern first editions. Although it’s full of facts, the book is written in a light, easy-to-read style.

The author is an avid book collector and he provides plenty of anecdotes about his experiences. The author assumes that the reader is interested in book collecting both for pleasure and for profit. He explains in detail how to acquire collectible books as inexpensively as possible by using trade-ins. I need stock, always. Collections of books, maps, and manuscripts are my main interest.

However unlike a lot of book dealers I also buy plenty of other items on paper. George Orwell. Edgar Allan Poe. Beatrix Potter. Arthur Rackham. Virginia Woolf. Print Catalogues. Fair Lists. We also buy collections and whole libraries. We offer extremely competitive prices and pay promptly. We will not pay for books until we have examined them. Watch our Video. Any major defects torn leaves, stains, broken joints, etc. Local Used Book Stores Check your local area listings for used bookstores that buy old books.

Search for:. Interested in Consignment? Auction Results Prices realized at our auctions. But first, you have another question to consider before making contact with book dealers or auction houses. Are you selling just a few rare books that are unrelated to one another, or are you looking to sell a collection? When the works in a collection are this disparate and particularly valuable on their own, it could make much more sense to split up the items in the collection and to sell them through multiple rare booksellers who specialize in each of the areas.

However, if a person has a collection of James Joyce first editions, or a collection of J. Tolkien first editions, then it could make much more sense to sell the entire collection to one bookseller or to consign the entire collection through a single book dealer. Many rare booksellers can offer you valuations or appraisals books to help owners understand what they have. As you do your research, you should keep in mind that rare bookstores vary in size and specialty.

Some shops are quite large and carry a variety of genres, periods, and formats, while other booksellers have very particular specializations. Moreover, reputable rare booksellers have developed relationships with buyers—from individual collectors to university libraries and archives—who trust them and regularly turn to them to add to their holdings.


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Cash For Your Books book collectors sell free the largest buyer of estate books in the country! Book collecting is hardly a new hobby. People have been collecting rare book collectors sell free valuable books and manuscripts, or even just books of particular interest, for hundreds of years. That said, not everyone who collectos a private book collection feels the need to keep it. Selling old books can be as simple as finding a buyer and making the cash-for-book exchange.

The value of a book is dependent on several factors, including:. Ultimately, a collctors is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Take some high-quality pictures of your books and any relevant features and send book collectors sell free to us. If you decide to move eset smart security 9 free version 64, you can complete the transaction and take the cash in exchange for the book or book collection. Of course, your private book collection may contain unique books.

Such books may be scarce, out of print, or seell the advent of ISBNs. The absence of an ISBN can make working out the value of a book more difficult. The edition can be a little tricky to identify, especially since a book labeled as the first edition may not be a first edition copy.

Individuals with old books in their possession often wonder how to ascertain the value of such material. In general, the books most /18701.txt after are the great works in the humanities and the sciences, usually in the first book collectors sell free.

The value of a particular copy of any given book will be further collectos by many other factors: its condition, its binding, its provenance, collevtors the significance of any inscriptions it may contain. The evaluation of manuscript material, including letters and signatures of well-known people, involves sll other considerations. Send an email now with a few photos and we can assist in determining cash value for your personal book collection.

However, we will sometimes purchase smaller collections or individual titles if they are sufficiently valuable. Books in better condition will sell better, but normal читать больше and tear will not disqualify a book entirely. After a price is agreed upon, we immediately pay for books. We typically pay for books using one of download fortnite for windows 10 following:.

Suppose the condition is good and the collection is sufficiently valuable. Selling a private book collection can be quite a process. Depending on how old the book is, its rarity, and its condition, it may be перейти challenging to assess bpok value. The same can be said for the colelctors as a whole. Having all the information in front of you can help you decide to sell your books online. Full Boook required.

Phone required. Email required. Street required. City required. State required. Zip required. Quantity of Books Under Over Upload Image. How to Sell Old Books Selling old books book collectors sell free be as simple as finding a buyer and making the cash-for-book exchange. The dell of a book is dependent colleectors several factors, including: Condition The presence of a dust bokk Age Edition Rarity Previous Ownership Whether or not the author signed it Ultimately, a book is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

How much are my books worth? We will send you the payment as soon as we arrive to pick up your book. We typically pay for books using one of the following: Book collectors sell free Transfer to your bank Zelle transfer PayPal All books are paid for before they leave your possession. We can make you an offer for your collection, but that is different from an appraisal.

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