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The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution,conducted the fortnightly cleanliness drive from May 16 to May 31 to create sanitation awareness among citizens across To bring a behavioural change towards using toilets and make people aware about the ill-effects of defecating in open, Katihar conducts cricket matches in Open Defecation The number of people defecating in the open has reduced from 55 crores in May to 35 crores in May Still concerns persist that According to the audit report, discharge of untreated or partially treated sewage, open drains carrying sewage and industrial waste were the major cause of rising levels You can also research keywords according to this idea in the process of the app store optimization, and then use the intelligent services provided by ASOTools.

There are many App store keyword tool, which can be used together to ensure the accuracy of keyword data. I recommend these ASOTools:. Preparing Research App Store Keywords. User Keywords represent the role your target audience plays when using the application. During this event, arranged by Islamic Relief Sweden in collaboration with Act Church of Sweden, we will share examples of climate adaptation from local contexts and listen to the experience of communities affected by climate change.

A panel of experts, including representatives of faith-based organisations, will provide comment on current efforts to transform policies into action. We will discuss the interconnections between locally-led climate adaptation, gender-responsive programming and faith, and what can be done by faith actors and others to put affected people at the centre of discussions on adaptation, inclusive decision-making and accountability. This interactive event challenges young people around the globe to think about the part they can play in creating a low carbon future.

By questioning world-leading experts who are developing sustainable solutions to reduce energy use at British Antarctic Survey research stations school children will learn how human ingenuity, creativity, and technology can help people live with and adapt to climate change.

Across the world, artists and arts organisations are mobilising around the climate crisis and discovering a deeper connection to the planet. Join us in person, or online, to hear how creativity can inspire communities and individuals to participate in reshaping the world, to imagine a sustainable and just future and support adaptation and resilience. Alongside the conversation, a short film showcasing artists and activists from around the world, sharing their messages for COP26, will premier.

We will also hear about how Season for Change, a cultural programme inspiring urgent climate action, has engaged hundreds of organisations and communities across the UK. This event is delivered with thanks to partnerships with the British Council and Arts Council England.

Join youth climate activists from around the world as they talk about the impacts of climate change they are experiencing and the action and campaigning they are part of. They will share what was achieved when hundreds of youth worldwide came together to show their climate ambition through Mock COP26, an online conference that filled the void left by the postponement of COP26 last year.

During this event there will be a space for the young people on the panel to answer your questions and talk about their vision for real youth leadership on climate. National Youth Theatre NYT is enabling the voices of young people from marginalised communities to be heard in this international setting, building their agency to manage the competing challenges of flood risk, high socio-economic deprivation and unemployment, and to develop youth-led solutions to help them build resilience in their communities and adapt to climate change.

MELT is working with climate scientists, academics and the renewable energy sector to provide creative provocation and outputs. We know that many of the root causes of climate change contribute to gender inequality which can lead to girls being out of school – this year alone, at least four million girls won’t complete their education due to climate-related crises Malala Fund. Gender inequality also blocks girls from equal access to quality climate education, green jobs, leadership opportunities etc.

It is also one of the most effective solutions we have to the climate crisis. Yet existing commitments on climate education fall far short on delivering quality climate education – curricula are outdated and girls being left behind. COP26 is a critical opportunity for world leaders to work in partnership with youth and youth-led organizations to target the connections, particularly through the review and enhancement of the Doha Work Programme on Action for Climate Empowerment.

Targeting the Connections will bring together youth activists with world leaders, experts and artists to share experiences, priorities and solutions for building a greener, fairer future. One Young World, the global forum for young leaders, in collaboration with the Future Generations Commission for Wales, is hosting an immersive panel on the topic of carving a path to net zero, where young leaders and innovation play a key role in the vision and establishment of a green future.

Too often legislation regarding sustainable development plans – the creation of smart cities, changes in infrastructure, sustainable travel and urban expansion – are made without the consultation and expertise of young people who will be most affected by these designs and targets.

Including young people as key decision-makers when creating the literal blueprints for their futures is crucial. The Welsh government is one of the first to meaningfully incorporate the wellbeing of Future Generations into current policymaking.

The Wellbeing of Future Generations Wales Act is a ground-breaking piece of legislation which requires public bodies to put long-term sustainability at the forefront of their thinking. Join us for a dynamic panel featuring expert speakers and young leaders, offering key insights into the future of sustainable development, the path to net zero, and the essential role young people will play in achieving these goals.

Political consensus provides the foundation for consistent, long-term climate action. All-Party Parliamentary Groups APPGs and Caucuses have played a role in building and sustaining that consensus — helping parliamentarians understand the issues and engage with and scrutinise government, convene expert dialogue, and generate fresh policy ideas.

Join us for a special COP26 dialogue on building political consensus for climate action. Bim Afolami MP will chair a cross-party non-partisan panel of UK and international politicians exploring how best to build and strengthen political consensus on climate, including priority areas such as energy, finance and nature — enabling governments around the world focus long term solutions and more ambitious delivery.

The panel will be followed by consensus-building dialogue across the event space — linking politicians from different political traditions and countries — facilitated by participating APPGs and Caucuses along thematic lines. The session will close with speeches.

The session is aimed at politicians from all political traditions across all countries attending COP26, but open to all — including interested parties from industry, civil society, academia and beyond. Our generation, and those that follow, will live with the consequences of the decisions being made now at COP26 in Glasgow. Our partnership is based on the premise that young people are at the forefront of climate action. We believe that the urgent work of addressing the climate crisis is one that needs collaboration and a global mindset.

Our session will cover the work that we do in our respective countries, our visions for the future and our key asks out of COP You will hear from leaders in Malawi and Scotland. Come and hear our stories. The event has the following aims:. The audience will also be given the opportunity to ask questions to Indigenous representatives as well as to the producer.

The Indigenous testimonies in the documentary films will make the audience put aside the negotiation texts for a moment, and refocus on the real and urgent reason of why we are gathered at COP I stand for what I stand on is a dramatic presentation by four young climate activists from Gloucester supported by a global digital cast and produced by Strike A Light. Strike A Light are an arts organisation based in the South West committed to making culture and creativity accessible to all and co-creating work with communities that has significant social impact.

Strike a Light have been working with these young climate strikers since and I stand for what I stand on is touring nationally in supported by Arts Council England. Youth4planet, in collaboration with Spring Films, TVE and InsightShare, will be curating an evening that highlights the voices of young people from all over the world, in their quest for a better and more hopeful future. The evening will be dedicated to showcasing films made by young people around the world, telling their own stories of both struggle and hope in the face of climate change.

The evening promises to be engaging and interactive, with fishbowl call-ins from youth activists from around the world, with a clear call for action for the next years to come. This session will be asking of how to unlock the leadership skills in young people, make them aware of opportunities and get their voices heard in co-creating promising futures.

Mangrove forests are the ultimate nature-based solutions for both climate change mitigation and adaptation. They capture and store carbon dioxide – coastal blue carbon – and they do this at rates far greater than most tropical rainforests. Protecting and restoring mangroves is a highly efficient and effective way to simultaneously reduce GHG emissions, and supporting adaptation to climate change.

Mangrove protection and restoration is a vital component of achieving the large-scale carbon drawdown essential if we are to have a chance of limiting global warming to 1. Coastal tropical nations and their citizens hold the key to mangrove conservation and restoration. This panel will bring together governments, civil society and world renowned scientists from Colombia, Madagascar, Costa Rica, Seychelles and Indonesia for an interactive discussion that will promote south-south knowledge sharing by:.

The destruction of nature is not contained within national boundaries, so why are our responses? This session will address the need for cross border collaboration to preserve the natural world and its biodiversity.

There is a need for a cultural shift from one that separates people from nature to one which emphasises the symbiotic relationship between humanity and our environment. This session is brought to you by One Young World, the global forum for young leaders, in partnership with the Government of Rwanda and will highlight some of the pioneering work on the frontlines of this fight that can guide future conservation efforts.

A fundamental systems-change is urgently needed to respond to the climate crisis. Growth at any cost is no longer an option and has led to disastrous consequences for our planet.

Voices critical to our future are being lost in the conversation and local communities and their knowledge is being sidelined. Drawing on the experiences of Ecosia and Patagonia, two purpose-driven companies focused on accelerating social and climate justice, this all female panel will discuss how we implement scalable, regenerative solutions that lead towards an inclusive future, where no one is left behind.

Part 1: Systems-change: putting people and planet before profit: The need for greater corporate accountability and government regulation to ensure consistent and effective delivery of climate objectives, a level playing field, and to build trust.

Part 2: Nature-based solutions: challenges, opportunities and what next? The role of business and governments in working and investing together in scalable nature-based solutions that have a positive impact on nature, climate, and society. Murray, both from Lewis, will give readings of their work which reflects the challenges faced by island communities due to climate change and the ecological degradation it causes.

They also represent the diverse linguistic traditions of the Scottish islands which have persisted to this day despite many hardships and offer an insight into their unique form of resilience.

We wish to extend a warm welcome to all of the delegates and visitors to the COP especially to the indigenous peoples from around the world and hope that you will be able to attend. This event is also one of a number that have emerged out of Possible Dialogues, a collaboration between artists and indigenous people from Colombia and Scotland. In this session the filmmakers behind some of the most loved nature documentaries on the planet come together to discuss what role wildlife films could, and should, play to help create a safe and just future for the living world.

COP26 is an opportunity to have some brave conversations. It is time to explore if the films being made are doing all they can to help, if the large carbon footprint of making such films is justifiable, what these films are excluding from the frame and, most importantly, the potential they have to evolve and redefine success. In a series of short films we will hear from wildlife filmmakers from across the globe that have witnessed the ecological crises unfolding and are exploring alternative paths.

This will be followed by a panel discussion on next steps with some of the biggest players in the industry. Can the wildlife filmmaking industry rise to the challenge? Join us as ten award-winning young poets speak out against climate injustice and call for natural and humane solutions to the climate crisis.

A short film of the children performing poetry about their feelings towards the climate crisis will be broadcast during the showcase. With innovative education and commissioning programmes, and a packed calendar of performances, competitions and digital projects, The Poetry Society champions poetry for all ages.

Young Poets Network is its online platform for young poets worldwide up to the age of People Need Nature is a charity which promotes the value of nature for people in their everyday lives. PNN also work to influence public thinking and policy to place a greater value on nature. Having received high praise from Sir David Attenborough, the choir has continued to go from strength to strength.

The traditional knowledge of indigenous communities is crucial in the global fight for nature and against climate change. Science proves that indigenous peoples are the best guardians of the land. Chris and Olivia will discuss the importance of the protection of indigenous cultures in the conservation of biodiversity and the work that The Cultural Sanctuaries Foundation is doing to help ensure that we protect the protectors.

The presentation will be given against a backdrop of stunning photographs by National Geographic explorer and photographer, and Cultural Sanctuaries Foundation co-founder, Chris Rainier. The need for change in the finance sector has never been greater. Research studies have shown that women really care about the impact of their money.

However, at the same time they are underrepresented in and underserved by the financial system. This interactive workshop will empower women to take climate action with their personal finances, providing a unique opportunity to immerse people in thinking about green finance and the choices they have available to them. Empowering women to make changes with their personal finances offers a unique opportunity to support the financial resilience of women, but also protect our planet.

Trees are a key nature-based mechanism for delivering on Net Zero commitments to meet the 1. We have choices that can make a difference but these need to be informed by the right observations and by the latest understandings of nature.

Speakers at this event are experts on global and national forest carbon inventories, Earth observations from space and value for net zero.

They will:. Watch exclusive screening of new Sky Nature show Shark with Steve Backshall, a revelatory series that celebrates the wonder of sharks as a key part of keeping our oceans and planet healthy.

We Are the Voice Children’s Environmental Choir campaigns for the environment through the medium of music. Lifting hearts and minds and inspiring hope, they sing for the climate, oceans and trees, for the species with which we share our world and for the children’s futures.

Getting the message across: How do we increase the effectiveness of climate communications? How do we use film and video to engage audiences and inspire action?

How do we motivate individuals, communities and broader society to make changes and take action to protect our planet? If these questions are relevant to you please come and be a part of the discussion with our raft of communication and impact experts at the Planetarium, for film screenings and panel discussions.

EnviroFest International is running a series of dynamic events around climate communications at the Planetarium featuring the award-winning, immersive, fulldome film Climate Crimes. This provocative film was created using climate data and statistics to bridge art and science as it seeks to uncover the complex relationship between global air pollution, climate change and human migration.

Using this extraordinary film as a launch pad, each showing will be followed by a panel discussion featuring experts in climate science, communications, community engagement, and impact campaigning as well as the film maker herself, Michaela French. We will discuss how we communicate the urgency and threat of climate change whilst empowering communities to engage with effective solutions, and consider how approaches may need to vary across different cultures and communities.

With so much expertise from around the world gathered at COP26, EnviroFest International seeks to involve attendees with diverse experiences in bridging climate issues and public understanding and engagement. We look forward to exploring these important issues so critical to effecting change, with an engaged and collaborative audience. Please join us for one of our events during COP Continuing Drama has a long and proud history of tackling social issues on screen, breaking down complicated often divisive subjects for its audience and helping viewers to explore topics through the eyes of their favourite characters.

So can our soaps help save the planet? What is their role in bringing the complex issues that surround sustainability to our audiences the masses? And how can they empower communities to understand and debate the role they can play to mitigate the effects of climate change, if they choose to? Food and land use systems currently contribute up to a third of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

They are also the biggest driver of deforestation, conversion of natural ecosystems and habitats, and biodiversity loss. Tackling these challenges whilst providing sustainable resilient livelihoods for food producers and nutritious, affordable food for a growing global population is therefore a critical challenge for this decade. This event builds on two high-level events in the morning of Nature Day to announce ambitions and actions by members states and other stakeholders to reform agriculture and land use and take global action on forests and critical ecosystems.

It provides a platform for technical experts and representatives from governments, private sector, farmers, research organisations and other stakeholders to discuss options to contribute towards just rural transitions and deforestation-free commodity supply chains around the world. It showcases and celebrates our campaign successes and centres the perspective of producers, rural and indigenous groups, and the wider community.

Nadeem Perera, Flock Together – A birdwatcher, who lends his 13 years of expertise to Flock Together, a birding watching group combating the underrepresentation of POC in nature. He has hit the seas with Greenpeace UK and works closely with underprivileged youth, showing them the benefits of nature.

Dominique Palmer, climate justice activist and student, an organiser in Fridays for Future, the global youth movement for climate action domipalmer. As well as Louis J. Unilever will be hosting a film screening about action towards a nature positive, net zero world.

The event will explore a combination of solutions including the role of technology, use of data, engagement of people and partnerships. A personal film where the photographer and film-maker delivers a sensitive and radical vision of our world, which he has seen deteriorating during his generation. Behind the beauty of his images, he unveils a planet suffering more than ever before, a disorientated mankind, helpless in the face of the blunt reality of the new climate regime.

Today, we can no longer ignore the ongoing ecological disaster. Our survival on earth is at stake and we must accept our share of responsibility. The Green Career Pathways event examines and debates the roles of education, training and employment in delivering a resilient and equitable transition to net zero.

Panellists will discuss the challenges their sectors face in terms of education, skills and jobs in a climate emergency, and the actions required to deliver green career pathways that ensure a fair and economy-wide alignment with the Paris climate goals. Our panel represents leading expertise drawn from industry, education and policy arenas, and focussed on realising the net zero transition:.

After the film, Jeffers will lead families in an interactive discussion about Earth, in celebration of the place we call home. Film Synopsis: On the eve of Earth Day, a precocious seven-year-old learns about the wonders of the planet from his parents- and a mysterious exhibit at the aptly named Museum of Everything.

Hosted by the RSPB and the Environment Agency, this event will showcase successful examples of habitat restoration in coastal wetlands and illustrate the benefits to climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience, the economy, and health and well-being of local communities. The event will share lessons learned from implementation and community engagement and facilitate discussion around the value of these sites.

Through these projects, and others, this event will explore the ecological and cultural benefits that protecting these habitats can bring for the environment and local people. The past years has resulted in significant global loss of nature-rich, carbon-storing coastal wetlands, which provide a lifeline for millions of people.

This event demonstrates how through restoring, protecting and creating these habitats we can make coastlines more resilient to sea level rise and coastal erosion, whilst providing significant benefits for people and nature, through using nature-based solutions. This hybrid online, onsite, offline event is for the young, across countries and cultures. Entrepreneurship provides a way for younger people to lead mitigating actions.

We will be taking questions and comments from the young and not so young around the world taking part in the event. Speakers include:.

Panellists include:. Young people and STEM women, join in the conversation:. Presented by the international nonprofit Parvati Foundation, it features beautiful footage with testimonials by scientists, youth and luminaries about the importance of the ocean. Building on the success of previous events held at the Birdfair festival at Rutland Wildlife Reserve in East Anglia, the ‘State of the Earth’ Question Time event will be chaired by Born Free Policy Advisor and Wildlife Advocate Dominic Dyer and will be based on the format of the BBC current affairs programme, with questions for the speaker panel being led by the audience.

The key focus of the event will be the importance of habitat, wildlife protection and animal welfare at home and abroad in a rapidly changing world where we face a growing climate emergency.

The speaker panel for the event will bring together influencers, thought leaders and campaigners from business, journalism, wildlife conservation and animal welfare across the age generations. How can art and science come together to inform the future of climate action? How can we utilise learnings from Indigenous communities to inspire nature-based solutions?

Indigenous artists will discuss the meaning behind these artworks in a series of three short films, which bring to life some of the cultural and creative practices in India, Ecuador and the Arctic. The in-person academic panel will examine the local climate adaptation actions championed by communities in these locations and invite participants to consider how the resilience they show can inspire a more sustainable way of life.

In a unique session which intersects the worlds of culture, science and technology, attendees will have the opportunity to speak directly with experts and to understand the bold actions we can all take locally to support global climate adaptation. Leading researchers will share the technological innovations which citizens can use to record and protect local nature and explain how everyone can be empowered to play their role in combatting the climate emergency. The critical role that the food system plays in shaping our planetary and individual health is now undisputed.

Globally, 3 billion people cannot afford a healthy diet, whilst 1 in 3 people are living with overweight or obesity.

We need change. We need a food system that ensures everyone, everywhere can access and afford a safe, sustainable and healthy diet. Act4Food Act4Change is a youth led campaign which strives for a fairer, healthier and more sustainable food system with a goal of improving our global food system. The Act4Food pledge is a youth-led promise galvanising youth action to defeat hunger, improve health and heal the planet. Act4Change is a list of actions that young people want businesses and governments to make to improve the sustainability of our food system.

We are now inviting all young change makers to vote for their top priority Actions 4 Change and to make their voice heard! She will be joined by youth leaders from countries across the globe, differing sectors and youth organizations. Join us for a fruitful and inclusive session on youth involvement in food systems transformation. Join our panellists as we demystify the often-baffling world of finance. According to the International Labor Organization ILO , a green economy will generate 24 million new jobs worldwide over the next decade, offering opportunities for young graduates, business, and governments alike.

The need to tackle climate change has become increasingly apparent and throughout the globe popular support for robust action is increasing. This has resulted in the need and opportunity for new jobs. Green careers encompass a range of different professions, spanning everything from engineering and transportation, to water and energy conservation.

Green jobs are essential to any climate action roadmap, and this rapidly growing area could unlock further economic opportunities worth billions, driven by the demand for a sustainable future. Pursuing a green career is not only a critical effort, but one that offers a long-term career path which will increasingly be in demand. Join us to hear an expert-led panel session made up of senior and young leaders, and attend a hybrid green careers fair where attendees can connect with leading green organisations across various sectors.

During the one-year MOSAiC expedition, led by the German Alfred Wegener Institute, hundreds of scientists from all over the world explored the epicentre of climate change on board a modern research icebreaker, RV Polarstern, which drifted with the ice through the Arctic Ocean. The experts investigated the fate of sea ice and the coupled ocean and atmosphere system — for the first time near the North Pole during the polar winter and using modern instruments and sensors — to provide the first-ever comprehensive assessment of the region.

Scientists gathered terabytes of data on the sea ice, the atmosphere above, the ocean below, and the unique wildlife of the Arctic. They observed organisms in and underneath the ice — an ecosystem that eludes remote sensing.

This unprecedented data will make it possible to represent more accurately complex interactions in the Arctic climate system. The minute documentary takes viewers on a breath-taking and vital expedition to the Arctic, where temperatures are rising at least twice as quickly as in the rest of the world.

Green nudges and other forms of behavioural climate policy can be cost-effective methods to help citizens and communities make climate-friendly choices. This panel brings together scientists and ethicists to discuss how these steering instruments work and what are their effects and limitations. The panel is chaired by Jarno Tuominen. Nils Sandman explains what climate nudges are and introduces the Nudging for Climate research project. Previous Story. How does it feel to know that the same animator won an Oscar in for working on the winning sequences of The Golden Compass?

Rehan Zia 9 years ago Reply Okay, I was not going to comment but given the amount of shares on Facebook this article has had with people praising the local animation industry work I feel quite distressed and would just like to say that whilst I appreciate how much the local industry has progressed we really need to start looking at international industry standards.

Moiz Omar 9 years ago Reply Proud to be Pakistani! Mohammad 9 years ago Reply Seller has a condition for Pakistanis.. All this is happening behind the scene and the Pakistanis are not given credit of it. Omar 9 years ago Reply Inspiring! Haroon Riaz 9 years ago Reply Can’t understand why some people expect you to be proud or ashamed if one of your countrymen is doing something somewhere. Batool 9 years ago Reply Another project worth mentioning here, is “The Apartment Complex”, which was the first 2D animated Pakistani tv show, animated in Islamabad in Reddy 9 years ago Reply ” even neighbouring India” errr..

Well Done! If our IT companies built a strong relationship and share the knowledge they have, it can definitely create a long lasting dominance over international market Insha’Allah Thanks Sajjad Awan. Zig 9 years ago Reply Am so proud to read this These are the sort of role models we need and we need to project Not the flag burning, venom spewing pretend zealots Taha 9 years ago Reply “White Man” think your not being racists enough?

You made my day! True Karachiwala 9 years ago Reply Great! Shehryar Hydri 9 years ago Reply Farrukh, Its always great to see articles on our animations and games industry but it would have been nice if you had spoken to some of the people you mentioned to fact check the piece.

Fudge 9 years ago Reply Excellent article and many thanks for bringing this up. Mudassir Khan 9 years ago Reply Mr. Paras Ali 9 years ago Reply Farrukh, really amazing article. Zulfiqar 9 years ago Reply Drop the “white man” comment.

It stands out like a sore. Shahmir 9 years ago Reply Farrukh, you just dont win a name for yourself everytime you write a column like this, you win the entire country a name. Not Proud of Pakistan. Optimist 9 years ago Reply Can someone make youtube video on creative artists in Pakistan?

Optimist 9 years ago Reply Very impressed! Only if we had educated directors to use such talent! Bilal 9 years ago Reply Would love to read a follow-up article about the finances. How much money are they pulling in?


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