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Unfortunately, the speed you choose is not going to make a blind bit of difference to the overall flow of the game. Deadly spiders and snakes, many creepy traps, ethereal monsters and armed mutant rats are just some of the dangers that await our brave hero. Sporting highly detailed backgrounds, Dragon’s Lair for the Nintendo Gameboy hand-held system tests your jumping skills and ingenuity to the limit. Readysoft has made a near-perfect translation of the arcade classic in which Dirk must rescue Princess Daphne from the evil fire-breathing dragon. If you come across it, the password is: online-fix. Still, graphically, the game is very well done. No, the game is extremely simple to play.


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In the deadly caves far below the surface, the evil wizard’s pet fire-breathing dragon, Singe, guards the captive Princess Daphne. If you come across it, the password is: online-fix. Press ESC to close.


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Titanium Hound. Air brawl. The Great Battles: Normandy La. Bios Ex – Yami no Wakusei. Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. Fire escape. Space Ace will have you take control of Ace — Defender of justice, truth, and the planet Earth! Ace is being attacked by the evil Commander Borf. Struggle with Dexter to regain his manhood. Destroy the Infanto-Ray. There is a lot of jumping to do and timing is critical but not as critical as the NES cart.

It looks good and plays as one would expect from the GameBoy. Jump around and collect little square objects called lifestones. Does this sound like Dragon’s Lair to you? Nice graphics won’t help this one in my book. Overly repetitive in concept and in game play. I guess I’ll have to wait for this game to come out on the ‘other’ system.

Sadly, graphics are the only thing that save this game. The backgrounds are spectacular and game play is good, but the concept is questionable. This game would fare better under a different name; it just isn’t Dragon’s Lair!

Too much repetition doesn’t help either. Dirk, Daphne, and the Dragon. No, it’s not an afternoon soap opera, it’s Dragon’s Lair, the animated arcade game. Now it’s been ported over to the 3DO, and it could be a showcase of that machine’s capabilities. Dragon’s Lair is the story of Dirk and his damsel, Daphne, who’s distressed because she’s being dissed by a Dragon. The dauntless Dirk, who’s daring, dashing, but dim-witted, does everything he can to deliver Daphne from the Dragon’s den.

Decked out with a deadly sword and some dance-like moves, Dirk dodges danger to deliver Daphne from her demise. The Dragon does not desist, but instead decks Dirk’s dangerous drive to the Dragon’s den with deadly traps and dastardly demons. Say that ten times, and you’ll really be ready for Dragon’s Lair.

This point-and-press adventure is similar to others in this genre, in that you must guide your hero to different points and keep him out of trouble.

Not as similar are the text-less, humorous situations that Dirk gets himself into, or the pleasure of playing a well-crafted interactive ‘ game. Although sometimes the path before you is lit by an ethereal glow, most times you’re on your own figuring a way out of danger and into the Dragon’s Lair. It sounds challenging, but Dragon’s Lair is actually a bit simplistic. The real squeeze in this version of the game are the annoying controls. The 3DO version of Dragon’s Lair only lets you press the pad in one direction at a time, so forget about stabbing the button to get a response.

If you over-press a button, you’ll end up feeding the moat-monsters for sure. The graphics in this version of Dragon’s Lair are super clean, with no flicker, slow down, or loss of animation. Every line around the animated characters is clear and well-defined. The colors leap off the screen and into your living room. The sounds are awesome, with each grumble, mumble, or exclamation from Dirk coming across loud and clear. There’s little music, but there’s plenty of other castle calls, like moaning spectres, chattering skulls, and hissing snakes.

If you loved this game in the arcade, grab yourself a copy for old time’s sake. If you’ve never seen Dragon’s Lair, you’ll still enjoy the truly interactive feel of the game. However, like all adventures of this sort, once you’ve played through, you’ve played through, so don’t expea the adventure to change when you’re done. Still, because of frustrating control problems, you may never make it out of the Dragon’s Lair anyway. Andy said on Forum :.

This is a quite amusing platform game, And if your a monty pyton fan then you’ll love the the graphics too, Think The Holy Grail and you see what i mean. Browse games Game Portals. Dragon’s Lair. Install Game.

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View all Dragon’s Lair Screenshots. Game review Downloads Screenshots Cheats 6 Discussion 1. ProTips: Beware of the boiling battlement pots! The ground around them is very slippery. If Dirk isn’t careful, he’ll end up doing the Camelot trot right off the ledge.

If you’re having trouble finding the right exits on dungeon levels there are sometimes more than one , try to drop all the way to the floor and look for water.